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Mr Jack Soutter

Name Jack Soutter
Position Specified Term/Task
Section Centre for Astrophysics (Research)
Location Toowoomba Campus
Qualifications BSc USQ

Publications in ePrints

Kuhn, Rudolf B. and Rodriguez, Joseph E. and Collins, Karen A. and Lund, Michael B. and Siverd, Robert J. and Colon, Knicole D. and Pepper, Joshua and Stassun, Keivan G. and Cargile, Phillip A. and James, David J. and Penev, Kaloyan and Zhou, George and Bayliss, Daniel and Tan, T. G. and Curtis, Ivan A. and Udry, Stephane and Segransan, Damien and Mawet, Dimitri and Dhital, Saurav and Soutter, Jack and Hart, Rhodes and Carter, Brad and Gaudi, B. Scott and Myers, Gordon and Beatty, Thomas G. and Eastman, Jason D. and Reichart, Daniel E. and Haislip, Joshua B. and Kielkopf, John and Bieryla, Allyson and Latham, David W. and Jensen, Eric L. N. and Oberst, Thomas E. and Stevens, Daniel J. (2016) KELT-10b: the first transiting exoplanet from the KELT-South survey - a hot sub-Jupiter transiting a V = 10.7 early G-star. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 459 (4). pp. 4281-4298. ISSN 0035-8711

Soutter, Jack and Horner, Jonti and Pepper, Joshua and KELT Science Team (2016) The Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope: searching for transiting exoplanets in the Northern and Southern Sky. In: 15th Australian Space Research Conference (ASRC 2015), 29 Sept - 1 Oct 2015, Canberra, Australia.

Soutter, Jack Lang (2016) The long term dynamical stability of the known Neptune Trojans. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Nicholson, B. A. and Mengel, M. W. and Brookshaw, L. and Vidotto, A. A. and Carter, B. D. and Marsden, S. C. and Soutter, J. and Waite, I. A. and Horner, J. (2015) Winds of planet hosting stars. In: 14th Australian Space Research Conference (ASRC 2014) , 29 Sept - 1 Oct 2014, Adelaide, Australia .

Soutter, Jack Lang (2012) Finding exoplanets around eclipsing binaries: a feasibility study using Mt Kent & Moore Observatories. Honours thesis, University of Southern Queensland. (Unpublished)