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Mr Gordon Hampson

Mr Gordon Hampson
Name Gordon Hampson
Position Lecturer (Electrical Engineering)
Section School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Office Z411
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 2508
Extension 2508
Qualifications BEng DDIAE

Research interests
Electricity supply systems
Electrical technology
Energy conversion
Electrical control systems

Professional memberships
IEEE Member

Currently teaching courses/programs
ELE1801 Electrical Technology
ELE1911 Electrical & Electronic Practice A
ELE2704 Electricity Supply Systems
ELE2702 Electrical Measurement & Analysis
ENG1002 Introduction Engineering & Spatial Science Applications
ELE2912 Electrical & Electronic Practice B
ELE2101 Control and Instrumentation
ELE2913 Electrical & Electronic Practice C
ELE3914 Electrical & Electronic Practice D

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
24 Years

Teaching experience(Other)
7 Years

Administrative responsibilities
Program Coordinator (50%), Bachelor of Engineering Electrical, Electronic and Computing