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Professor Georgina Barton

Professor Georgina Barton
Name Georgina Barton
Position Professor (Literacies and Pedagogy)
Section School of Education
Office A206
Location Springfield Campus
Phone +61 7 3470 4505
Extension 4505
Qualifications DipT BrisbaneCAE , BA Qld , GCertHigherEd Griffith , PhD QUT

Georgina Barton is a Professor of literacies and pedagogy in the School of Education. She is also an Associate Head of School - Research. She has experience as Program Director and has taught English and literacy education and arts education courses in both the primary and secondary education programs. Before entering academia, Georgina worked in schools for over 20 years having experience as an Acting Principal, lead literacy intervention teacher and Head of Department - The Arts. As an early career teacher, Georgina spent one year working as an Australian Volunteer Abroad and English teacher in South India. This experience still greatly influences the ways in which Georgina perceives research and teaching. Intercultural, reflective and creative approaches to learning are threaded throughout Georgina's research. Research areas include: literacies, modalities, arts education and international education. She has utilised a number of research methodologies and methods including ethnography, arts-based research methods, case study and narrative. She has over 120 publications including 11 books, 30 book chapters, 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and a number of reports. She is past-president of the Australian Literacy Educators' Association - Meanjin local council and also an ALEA Fellow. In 2014, she was the Executive Director of the World Alliance for Arts Education Global Summit, the first time it was held in the southern hemisphere. Georgina is also a musician and has worked in a number of orchestras and ensembles as a violinist.

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Creative Arts, Media and Communication Curriculum and Pedagogy ( 130201 )
  • English and Literacy Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL) ( 130204 )
  • Higher Education ( 130103 )
  • ( 390104 )
  • ( 390303 )
  • ( 390101 )

Research interests
Literacy, multiliteracies, multimodality, the arts and culturally and linguistically diverse contexts including internationalisation

Professional memberships
Fellow of the Australian Literacy Educators' Association - 2017-2022
Conference Chair of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) 2017-2019

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR)

Currently teaching courses/programs

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
15 Years

Teaching experience(Other)
25 Years

Administrative responsibilities
Discipline lead - English and literacy education

Research most recent
Barton, G. M. (2019). Developing literacy and the arts in schools. Routledge Publishers.
Barton, G. M., McKay, L., Garvis, S., & Sappa, V (2019). Introduction: Defining and theorising key concepts of resilience and well-being and arts-based research. In L. McKay, G. M. Barton, S. Garvis & V. Sappa (Eds.), Arts-Based Research, Resilience and Well-Being across the Lifespan, (pp. ?). London: Palgrave Macmillan.
Barton, G. M., Baguley, M., Kerby, M., & MacDonald, A. (2019). How children’s literature can develop compassion and empathy. In G. M. Barton & S. Garvis (Eds.), Compassion and Empathy in Educational Contexts, (pp. ?). London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Research most notable
Barton, G. M., & Ryan, M. (2013). Multimodal approaches to reflective teaching and assessment in higher education: a cross disciplinary approach in Creative Industries. Higher Education Research and Development, 33(3), 409-424.
Barton, G. M. (2014). The arts and literacy: interpretation and expression of symbolic form. In G. M. Barton (Ed.). Literacy in the Arts: Retheorising Learning and Teaching, (pp. 3-20). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.
Barton, G. M., & Baguley, M. (2014). Learning through story: A collaborative, multimodal arts approach. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, Special Issue. 13(2), 93-112.

Publications in ePrints

Barton, Georgina and Lowien, Nathan and Hu, Yijun (2021) A critical semiotic investigation of Asian stereotypes in the short film Bao : implications for classroom practice. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 44 (1). pp. 5-17. ISSN 1038-1562

Barton, Georgina McFarlane and Daffurn, Narelle (2021) Language Is a Verb: A Review of Teaching Language as Action in the ELA Classroom. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 64 (4). pp. 480-482. ISSN 1081-3004

McKay, Loraine and Barton, Georgina and Sappa, Viviana and Garvis, Susanne, eds. (2020) Arts-Based Research, Resilience and Well-being Across the Lifespan. Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., Cham, Switzerland. ISBN 9783030260521

Barton, Georgina (2020) Developing literacy and the arts in schools. Taylor & Francis (Routledge), Abingdon Oxon, United Kingdom. ISBN 978-0-367-31284-8

Ryan, Mary and Barton, Georgina (2020) Editorial: International students, reflection and employability. Journal of International Students, 10 (S2). i-v. ISSN 2162-3104

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Approved research supervisor in the area of:

  • Creative Arts, Media and Communication Curriculum and Pedagogy ( 130201 )
  • English and Literacy Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL) ( 130204 )
  • Higher Education ( 130103 )

Research topics