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Dr Geoffrey Woolcock

Dr Geoffrey Woolcock
Name Geoffrey Woolcock
Position Research Fellow (Regional Community Development)
Section Rural Economies Centre of Excellence (Research)
Office Q515
Location Toowoomba Campus
Qualifications BA Qld , BA(Hons) Qld , PhD La Trobe

Research interests
community development, social capital, measuring progress, collective impact, community resilience, volunteering, community wellbeing, place-based responses to socio-economic disadvantage, child- and age-friendly community planning, corporate social responsibility

Professional memberships
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Human Services & Social Work, Griffith University
Adjunct Associate Professor, Centre for Children’s Health Research , QUT

Industry affiliations
Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD)

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR)

Research most recent
Toohey, K.; MacMahon, C.; Weissensteiner, J.; Thomson, A.; Auld, C.; Beaton, A.; Burke, M. & Woolcock,G. (2017) ‘Using transdisciplinary research to examine talent identification and development in sport’, Sport in Society, DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2017.1310199

Osborne, C.; Baldwin, C.; Thomsen, D. & Woolcock, G. (2017) ‘The Unheard Voices of Youth in Urban Planning: Using Social Capital as a Theoretical Lens in Sunshine Coast, Australia’, Children’s Geographies, 15:3, 349-361.

Tanton, R.; Dare, L.; Brinkman, S.; Goldfeld, S.; Giles-Corti, B.; Katz, I. & Woolcock, G. (2017) ‘Identifying off-diagonal communities using the Australian Early Development Census results’, Social Indicators Research, 132: 977-992.

Research most notable
Woolcock, G. & Manderson, L.(eds.) (2009) Social Capital and Social Justice: Critical Australian Perspectives, Darwin, NT: CDU Press.

Publications in ePrints

Summers, Jane and Cavaye, Jim and Woolcock, Geoffrey (2019) Enablers and Barriers of Tourism as a Driver of Economic and Social‐cultural Growth in Remote Queensland. Economic Papers, 31 (2). pp. 77-94. ISSN 0812-0439

Villanueva, Karen and Badland, Hannah and Kvalsvig, Amanda and O'Connor, Meredith and Christian, Hayley and Woolcock, Geoffrey and Giles-Corti, Billie and Goldfeld, Sharon (2016) Can the neighbourhood built environment make a difference to children’s development? Building the research agenda to create evidence for place-based children’s policy. Academic Pediatrics, 16 (1). pp. 10-19. ISSN 1876-2859

Woolcock, Geoffrey (2016) More than fun: capitalising sport's social goods. Griffith Review, 53. pp. 68-75. ISSN 1448-2924

Goldfeld, Sharon and Woolcock, Geoffrey and Katz, Ilan and Tanton, Robert and Brinkman, Sally and O'Connor, E. and Mathews, T. and Giles-Corti, Billi (2015) Neighbourhood effects influencing early childhood development: conceptual model and trial indicator measurement methodologies from the kids in communities study. Social Indicators Research, 120 (1). pp. 197-212. ISSN 0303-8300

Geoff WOOLCOCK, PhD; MAICD Geoff Woolcock is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland¿s Institute for Resilient Regions, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith University¿s School of Human Services and Social Work and QUT¿s Centre for Children¿s Health Research. He is particularly interested in applying indicators of community strengths in socio-economically disadvantaged communities and the factors that contribute to building child- and youth-friendly communities. His work with large-scale public and private sector organisations concentrates on developing measures of communities' strengths, closely collaborating with local communities. Geoff is an experienced social researcher with considerable expertise in social and community service planning and evaluation, including social impact assessment and project evaluation, social capital and community capacity building. He has 25 years community-based research experience nationally and internationally, in housing, youth and health sectors, and has co-published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and community reports. As a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD), he is a board director of the Brisbane Housing Company, the Australian National Development Index (ANDI) and the Logan Child-Friendly Community Charitable Trust overseeing the high-profile collective impact initiative, Logan Together. Geoff is also an inaugural member of the Queensland chapter of the Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA), a Research Fellow at the Life Course Centre of Excellence, and an active member of the Korean Research Foundation-funded Community Wellbeing Institute. As a co-director of the company Global Talent Tracker, he has worked closely with the Australian Football League (AFL) for several years and is a Visiting Professor at Loughborough University¿s Institute for Sports Business. He was the Australian member on the executive committee for the Asia-Pacific Child-Friendly Cities Network (2010-2013) and the inaugural Queensland convenor for the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY) from 2013-2014. Geoff is a partner investigator in the ARC Linkage project, the Kids in Community Study (KiCS), an offshoot of the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) where qualitative assessments of critical factors determining the success of several "outlier" communities in low income neighbourhoods are being undertaken, and an advisor to another ARC Linkage, the CREATE project, testing the conditions for collective impact in child wellbeing in a range of Communities for Children sites throughout eastern Australia. He also established the web portal Child-Friendly Communities Australia to encourage local communities across Australia to undertake their own state of children¿s reports. Geoff is a frequent public speaker and commentator about bettering the built and natural environments for children and youth using a whole-of-community approach.