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Dr Byrenn Birch

Dr Byrenn Birch
Name Byrenn Birch
Position Lecturer (Thermofluids Engineering)
Section School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Office Z409
Location Toowoomba Campus
Phone +61 7 4631 1969
Extension 1969
Qualifications BEng USQ , PhD USQ

Research interests
Hypersonic flows, measurement techniques

USQ Research affiliations

  • Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences (IAESS)

Currently teaching courses/programs
MEC2106- Introduction to Thermofluids
MEC3107- Thermofluids
MEC3904- Mechanical Practice 4
MEC4104- Renewable Energy Technology
MEC4108- Advanced Thermofluids

Research most recent
Birch, B., Buttsworth, D., & Zander, F. (2020). Measurements of Freestream Density Fluctuations in a Hypersonic Wind Tunnel. Experiments in Fluids. doi:10.1007/s00348-020-02992-w

Birch, B., Buttsworth, D., & Zander, F. (2020). Time-Resolved Stagnation Temperature Measurements in Hypersonic Flows Using Surface Junction Thermocouples. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science. doi:10.1016/j.expthermflusci.2020.110177

Birch, B., Buttsworth, D., & Zander, F. (2019). Focused Laser Differential Interferometry for Hypersonic Flow Diagnostics. In IX Australian Conference on Laser Diagnostics.

Publications in ePrints

Zander, Fabian ORCID: and Buttsworth, David R. and Birch, ByrennORCID: and Noller, Lachlan and Wright, Duncan and James, Christopher M. and Thompson, Matthew and Apirana, Steven and Leis, John and Lobsey, Craig and Payne, Allan (2021) Australian rapid-response airborne observation of the Hayabusa2 reentry. Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets. pp. 1-5. ISSN 0022-4650

Birch, Byrenn ORCID: and Buttsworth, David and Loehle, Stefan and Hufgard, Fabian (2021) Fast-Response transient heat flux measurements in a plasma wind tunnel. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 173:121234. ISSN 0017-9310

Birch, Byrenn ORCID: and Buttsworth, David and Zander, FabianORCID: (2020) Measurements of freestream density fluctuations in a hypersonic wind tunnel. Experiments in Fluids, 61 (7):158. pp. 1-13. ISSN 0723-4864

Birch, Byrenn ORCID: and Buttsworth, David and Zander, FabianORCID: (2020) Time-resolved stagnation temperature measurements in hypersonic flows using surface junction thermocouples. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 119:110177. pp. 1-13. ISSN 0894-1777

Birch, Byrenn J. C. ORCID: (2019) Characterisation of the USQ hypersonic facility freestream. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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