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Professor Anthony Gray

Name Anthony Gray
Position Professor (Law)
Section School of Law and Justice
Office T119
Location Ipswich Campus
Phone +61 7 3812 6371
Extension 6371
Qualifications BBus QUT , LLB(Hons) QUT , GDipLegPrac QUT , LLM QUT , PhD UNSW

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Law not elsewhere classified ( 180199 )
  • Public Law not elsewhere classified ( 480799 )

Research interests
constitutional law, human rights, comparative law, civil obligations

Professional memberships
Member, Human Rights Advisory Panel Queensland Parliament 2020-
Life Member and Fellow, Business Educators' Association of Queensland (President, 2002-2013)
Listed, Who's Who in the World 2020

Currently teaching courses/programs
LAW2211, LAW5211 Constitutional Law

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
30 Years

Teaching experience(Other)
10 Years

Administrative responsibilities
Associate Head (Research), USQ School of Law and Justice
Academic Team Leader, USQ School of Law and Justice
PhD Supervisor

Research most recent
Evolution from Strict Liability to Fault in Law of Torts (Hart, 2021)

Legislative Amendment Directed Towards a Particular Individual: Separation of Powers and Other Const Issues (2021) 32 (2) PLR (forthcoming)

The Australian Government's Use of the Military in an Emergency and the Constitution (2021) 44(1) UNSWLJ 357-393

Public Servants and the Implied Freedom of Polit Comm (2021) 49 Fed Law Rev 3-39

An Adverse View of Adverse Possession (2021) 95 Aust LJ (forthcoming)

Legality of Denial of Service to Same Sex Partners and Organisations: Developments in the UK, US and Aust (2021) 17(2) Can LR 71-88

Corporations and their Contributions to Public Debates (2020) 36(1) Aust J Corp Law 66-98

Free Speech and Secondary Boycott Activity in Australia (2020) 48 ABLR 382-405

Executive Detention in the Time of a Pandemic (2020) 27(4) AJAL 198-216

COVID-19 Border Restrictions and Section 92 of the Aust Const (2020) 11 WA Jurist 99-136

Evolution from Strict Liability to Negligence Parts I and II (2020) 94 ALJ 614 and 699

Change the Rules: Reform of the Economic Torts in Australia (2020) 21(2) FLJ 295-344

Three Suggested Reforms to Australia's Defamation Laws (2020) 45(2) Alt LJ 94-100

Freedom of Speech in Practice: Controversial Appns Law and Theory (Lexington, 2019)

Freedom of Speech in the West: Comparison and Critique (Lexington, 2019)

Punishing Journalists for Contempt for Refusing to Reveal Sources in Court (2019) 29(2) JJA 60-81

Sponsor Pressure to Discipline Employees and Business Torts (2019) 47(5) ABLR 349-363

Lawfulness of Dismissal of an Employee Who Expressed Unwelcome Religious Views (2019) 47(4) ABLR 260-280

Strict Liability in Defamation (2019) 27(2) TLR 81-99

Liability of Search Engines and Tech Coys in Defamation Law (2019) 27(1) TLR 18-36

Single Publication Rule and Aust Defamation Law (2019) 27(1) TLR 3-17

The First Amendment to US Const and Implied Freedom of Polit Comm in the Aus Const (2019) 48(3) CLWR 142-175

A Critique of the Enterprise Risk Theory of Vicarious Liability (2019) 62(2) CBLJ 181-210

Internment of Terrorism Suspects and Aust Const (2019) 93 ALJ 300-320

The Offence of Sedition, Its History, and Current Status in Aust and Int Law (2019) 47(2) ABR 159-180

'Good Faith: The Incomplete Legal Transplant' in Breda ed Leg Trans in E Asia Oceania 111-131 (CUP 2019)

'Chapter III of the Const and Protection of Due Process Rights' in Groves ed Legal Protection of Rights in Aust 31-51 (Hart, 2019)

'Automatic Screening for Distress: Perspective for Future' (Rana et al) (2019) 28(2) Eur J CC 1-13

Is the Seal of the Confessional Protected by the Const or Common Law? (2018) 44(1) MonULR 112-150

Enterprise Risk Theory of Vicarious Liability (2018) 46 ABLR 178-196

Punitive Damages: Time for Re-Examination (2018) 26(1) TLR 18-37

Internment of Terrorism Suspects: A Critical Appraisal (2018) 24(3) AJHR 1-19

Public Sector Employees and Imp Freedom of Polit Comm (2018) 43(1) Alt LJ 10-16

Contempt and the Aust Const I (2017) 27(1) JJA 3-20 and II (2018) 27(2) JJA 55-73

Presumption of Innocence in Peril (2017, Lexington)

Liability of Educational Providers to Victims of Abuse (2017) 39(2) SLR 167-197

Reinvigorating Non-Delegable Duties in Australia? (2017) 25 TLR 59-78

Stigma, Homosexuality and Homosexual Advance Defence (2017) 24(4) JLM 935-958 (w Braun)

Law of Penalties and Question of Breach (2017) 45(1) ABLR 8-27

Presumption of Innocence Under Attack (2017) 20(4) NCLR 569-615

Family Provision Appn: A Critique (2017) 91(9) ALJ 750-768

Mandatory Sentencing Around the World and Need for Reform (2017) 20(3) NCLR 391-432

The Inclusion of Ex-Prisoners on Juries (2017) 26(2) JJA 59-75

Status of Sanctuary in Aust Law (2016) 42(3) MonULR 685-711

Protection of Voting Equality in Aust (2016) 44(3) FLR 557-585

Reconciliation of Freedom of Religion With Anti-Discrim Rights (2016) 42(1) MonULR 72-108

Research most notable
Criminal Due Process and Chapter III of the Australian Const (Federation Press, 2016)
Vicarious Liability: Critique and Reform (Hart, 2018)

Publications in ePrints

Gray, Anthony Davidson (2021) Public servants and the implied freedom of political communication. Federal Law Review, 49 (1). pp. 3-39. ISSN 0067-205X

Gray, Anthony (2021) The Australian government's use of the military in an emergency and the Constitution. University of New South Wales Law Journal, 44 (1). pp. 355-391. ISSN 0313-0096

Gray, Anthony (2021) The Evolution from Strict Liability to Fault in the Law of Torts. Hart Studies in Private Law. Hart Publishing Ltd., Oxford, United Kingdom. ISBN 9781509940998

Gray, Anthony (2021) The Legality of Denial of Service to Same-Sex Partners and Organisations: Developments in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. The Canberra Law Review, 17 (2). pp. 71-88. ISSN 1320-6702

Gray, Anthony (2020) Change the Rules: Reform of the Economic Torts in Australia. Flinders Law Journal, 21 (2). pp. 295-344. ISSN 1838-2975

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Approved research supervisor in the area of:

  • Law not elsewhere classified ( 180199 )
  • Public Law not elsewhere classified ( 480799 )