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Assoc Prof Angela Fitzgerald

Assoc Prof Angela Fitzgerald
Name Angela Fitzgerald
Position Head of School (Education)
Section School of Education
Office A333
Location Springfield Campus
Phone +61 7 3470 4205
Extension 4205
Qualifications BEd(Hons) Monash , BSc Monash , MEd Deakin , PhD Edith Cowan

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators ( 130313 )
  • Primary Education (excl. Maori) ( 130105 )
  • Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum and Pedagogy ( 130212 )

Research interests
1. Quality learning and teaching in primary science education - pre-service and in-service teachers
2. Professional practice - development and support of beginning teachers (from pre-service through to graduate teachers)

Professional memberships
Executive Board Member (Secretary/Treasurer) - Australasian Science Education Research Association (ASERA)
Member - European Science Education Research Association (ESERA)

Industry affiliations
Member of Science Teachers Association of Queensland (STAQ)/Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA)

Currently teaching courses/programs
ESP1200 - The Beginning Teacher
EDX2260 - Teaching Science in Early Primary
EPS4200 - Teaching Physics and Space Science

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
12 Years

Teaching experience(Other)
3 Years

Administrative responsibilities
* Discipline Lead - Science Education/STEM Research
* School Coordinator (Academic)

* Director - Professional Experience (Development and Research)
* International Professional Experience Liaison (Partnerships)
* Student Adviser - BEd and MTeach programs
* Course Leader - BEd (P-10)

Research most recent
1. Fitzgerald, A., Parr, G., & Williams, J. (2018). Reimagining professional experience in
initial teacher education – Narratives of learning. The Netherlands: Springer.
2. Fitzgerald, A. & Corrigan, D. (2018). Science Education for Australian
Students. Melbourne, Vic: Allen & Unwin.
3. Fitzgerald, A., Parr, G., & Williams, J. (2017). Narratives of learning through
international professional experience. The Netherlands: Springer.

1. Fitzgerald, A., & Abouali, D. (In press – Due 2019). Exploring values through lived experiences of the World Heritage site of Petra: A case study. In D. Corrigan, C. Buntting, A. Fitzgerald & A. Jones (Eds.). The re-emergence of values in science education. The Netherlands: Springer
2. Fitzgerald, A. (2018). (Re)navigating the classroom as a teacher educator. In A. Fitzgerald, G. Parr, & J. Williams. (2018). Reimagining professional experience in initial teacher education – Narratives of learning (pp. 199-213). The Netherlands: Springer.
3. Fitzgerald, A., & Corrigan, D. (2018). Becoming a teacher of science. In A. Fitzgerald & D. Corrigan (Eds.). Science Education for Australian Students. Melbourne (pp. 3-25), Vic: Allen & Unwin.

1. Fitzgerald, A., Cooper, R., & Sarkar, M. (2016). Nurturing quality science learning and teaching: The impact of a reading group. Teaching science, 62(2), 44-51.
2. Fitzgerald, A., & Smith, K. (2016). Science that matters: Exploring science learning and teaching in primary schools. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 41(4), 64-78.
3. Fitzgerald, A., Dawson, V., & Hackling, M. (2013). Examining the beliefs and practices of four effective Australian primary science teachers. Research in Science Education, 43(3), 981-1003.

Research most notable
1. Smith, K., & Fitzgerald, A. (2018). Reinvigorating primary school science through school-community partnerships. In D. Corrigan, A. Jones & R. Gunstone (Eds.). Navigating the changing landscape of formal and informal science learning opportunities. The Netherlands: Springer.
2. Smith, K., & Fitzgerald, A. (2013). Making sense of primary science. In A. Fitzgerald (Ed.), Learning and Teaching Primary Science. Cambridge University Press.
3. Fitzgerald, A. (Ed.). (2013). Learning and teaching primary science. Melbourne, Vic: Cambridge University Press.
4. Fitzgerald, A., Hackling, M., & Dawson, V. (2013). Through the viewfinder: Reflecting on the collection and analysis of classroom video data. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 52, 52-64.
5. Fitzgerald, A., & Schneider, K. (2013). What teachers’ want: Supporting primary school teachers in teaching science. Teaching Science, 59(2), 5-10.
6. Fitzgerald, A. (2012). Science in primary schools: Examining the practices of effective primary science teachers. The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Publications in ePrints

Fitzgerald, Angela (2020) Out in the field: examining the role of school-based experiences in preparing primary pre-service teachers as confident and competent teachers of science. International Journal of Science Education, 42 (2). pp. 290-309.

Fitzgerald, Angela (2019) Navigating and negotiating borders: Western pre-service teachers’ experiences of teaching science in a non-western setting. Teaching and Teacher Education, 82. pp. 96-105. ISSN 0742-051X

Fitzgerald, Angela and Corrigan, Deborah (2018) Becoming a teacher of science: introducing a journey of identity and evidence. In: Science education for Australian students: teaching science from Foundation to Year 12. Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, NSW, Australia, pp. 3-25. ISBN 978-1-76029-688-9

Pfeiffer, Linda and Fitzgerald, Angela and Woolcott, Geoff (2018) Bringing Australia’s diversity into science education. In: Teaching secondary science: theory and practice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, pp. 394-415. ISBN 978-1-316-63611-4

Fitzgerald, Angela and Pfeiffer, Linda and Woolcott, Geoff (2018) Celebrating Australia’s diversity through science education. In: Teaching secondary science: theory and practice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, pp. 191-213. ISBN 978-1-316-63611-4

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Approved research supervisor in the area of:

  • Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators ( 130313 )
  • Primary Education (excl. Maori) ( 130105 )
  • Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum and Pedagogy ( 130212 )

Research topics

Dr. Angela Fitzgerald is an Associate Professor in Science Curriulum and Pedagogy in the School of Teacher Education and Early Childhood at the University of Southern Queensland. Ange completed a double degree in science and education before completing an honours project examining the beliefs that pre-service teachers hold about good teachers, good teaching and good learning. Following this project, she worked for three years in a secondary school in country Victoria teaching mainly in the learning areas of psychology and general science. In her final year at the school, she worked as part of a team implementing an alternative learning and teaching program for Year 9 students. Ange¿s desire to want to know more about learning and teaching to assist in being a better teacher as well as an interest in inclusive education lead her to study in the area of special educational needs. This study indirectly took her across the country to Perth where she used video-based research to explore effective teaching practices in primary science education. Ange¿s main focus, and where she really likes to direct her energy, is engaging in activities that support pre- and in-service teachers in developing their confidence and competence in the teaching of science in primary school settings. She is passionate about classroom-based research and school-based teacher education as well as identifying ways in which she can collaborate with schools and teachers to improve and enhance primary school science. Her expertise in this field has been recognised nationally and internationally through implementing professional learning, consultancy projects and invited keynote addresses. In 2013, Ange had the opportunity to move to Jordan (in the Middle East) for two years to build capacity in a Jordanian non-governmental organisation, Petra National Trust (PNT) through Australian Volunteers International. She supported a small team of local staff in the role of education advisor to develop curricula for both students and teachers to explore a variety of themes connected to Petra. Ange returned to Monash University in 2015 in the role of the liaison for International Professional Experience, which saw her grow the program to 12 sites across the world with approximately 300 pre-service teachers a year completing placements in diverse culturally settings. This lead to supporting professional experience across the entire Faculty in 2017 in a Director role. These experiences morphed into additional research focus in professional practice. Tying together a number of these threads, Ange has been working in collaboration with producer-director, Magnolia Lowe (starting in 2017), using innovative video-based and portraiture methodologies to document the lived experiences of graduate teachers over the course of their first few years of being in the classroom. This work culminated in a 90-minute narrative documentary tracking this journey. Recognised as contributing to pedagogical innovation through this work, Ange was accepted into a residency program in Spain (this April and October, 2018) alongside multi-disciplinary professionals from across the world. Since moving to USQ in February 2018, Ange has supported innovation in teaching and research in science and STEM education in the School of Teacher Education and Early Childhood (TEEC) and across the university. This work has included facilitating online interdisciplinary professional development opportunities for teachers across Queensland. She is also in the role as School Coordinator (Academic) for TEEC overseeing accreditation and quality assurance in education offerings and support.