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School of Psychology and Counselling

Position Name
Head of School (Psychology and Counselling) Professor Lorelle Burton
Clinic Director (USQ Ipswich Psychology Clinic) Mrs Jean McCausland-Green
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Michelle Adamson
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Gavin Beccaria
Lecturer (Counselling) Mr Nathan Beel
Lecturer (Psychology and Counselling) Mr James Brown
Lecturer (Psychology) Mr Steven Christensen
Adjunct Industry Fellow Dr Jenny Curran
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Suzanne Czech
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Lucille Douglas
Lecturer (Counselling) Dr Carol du Plessis
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Jan Du Preez
Honorary Lecturer Ms Eileen Edmonds
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Erich Fein
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Yong Goh
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Hong Eng Goh
Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Kylie Henderson
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Liam Hendry
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Nancey Hoare
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Michael Ireland
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Zahra Izadikhah
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Carla Jeffries
Professor (Psychology) Professor Bob Knight
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Andrea Lamont-Mills
Professor (Psychology) Professor Tony Machin
Lecturer (Psychology and Counselling) Dr Tanya Machin
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Sonja March
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Jessica Marrington
Senior Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Crystal McMullen
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Paul McQuillan
Lecturer (Psychology) Dr Leander Mitchell
Associate Professor (Psychology) Assoc Prof Amy Mullens
Honorary Lecturer Ms Annissa O'Shea
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Renee Parsons-Smith
Lecturer (Psychology & Counselling) Dr Adina Piovesana
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Mr Alan Richardson
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Kim Sankey
Honorary Associate Professor Assoc Prof Graeme Senior
Honorary Professor Professor Lazar Stankov
Professor (Psychology) Professor Gerry Tehan
Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Anne Tolan
Adjunct Professor Professor Terence Tracey
Adjunct Research Fellow Mr Dane Vallely
Adjunct Lecturer Dr Simon Zuscak
Specified Term/Task Ms Susan De Campo
Specified Term/Task Dr Elizabeth Goadby
Casual Employment Ms Susan Abel
Casual Employment Dr Peyman Abkhezr
Casual Employment Mr Habib Ahmadi Forooshani
Casual Employment Mrs Rebecca Black
Casual Employment Ms Evette Braunstein
Casual Employment Dr Kellie Cullen
Casual Employment Dr Michelle Curran
Casual Employment Mrs Annette D'Avila
Casual Employment Ms Tanya Donovan
Casual Employment Ms Penelope Flowers
Casual Employment Ms Krysten Henning
Casual Employment Ms Karina Heyworth
Casual Employment Mrs Kara Hockey
Casual Employment Ms Julianne Kealey
Casual Employment Ms Sharon Kennedy
Casual Employment Miss Sally Krantz
Casual Employment Miss Alyssa Nikolaidis
Casual Employment Mrs Melinda Nuttall
Casual Employment Mr George Petroff
Casual Employment Mr Farzin Shaykhi
Casual Employment Dr Jasmin Slack-Smith
Casual Employment Miss Loe Stanford
Casual Employment Mr Grant Taylor
Casual Employment Dr Gerry Treuren
Casual Employment Ms Ruth Wagstaff
Casual Employment Miss Rachael Wynne