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Professor Anthony Gray

Professor Anthony Gray
Name Anthony Gray
Position Professor (Law)
Section School of Law and Justice
Office A505
Location Springfield Campus
Phone +61 7 3470 4547
Extension 4547
Qualifications BBus QUT , LLB(Hons) QUT , GDipLegPrac QUT , LLM QUT , PhD UNSW

Fields of Research (FoR)

  • Law not elsewhere classified ( 180199 )

Research interests
constitutional law, human rights, comparative law, civil obligations

Professional memberships
Life Member and Fellow, Business Educators' Association of Queensland (President, 2002-2013)
Listed, Who's Who in the World 2018
Member, Legal Studies State Panel (Qld), Syllabus Re-write Committee for Legal Studies, 2012
Participant, Oxford Roundtable 2010-2012, 2015

Currently teaching courses/programs
LAW2211, LAW5211 Constitutional Law
LAW3470 Principles of Public Law

Teaching experience(Tertiary)
10 Years

Teaching experience(Other)
10 Years

Administrative responsibilities
PhD Supervisor
Deputy Head, USQ School of Law and Justice
Research Co-Ordinator, School of Law and Justice

Research most recent
Freedom of Speech in the Western World: Practical Applications in Controversial Areas (Lexington Books, forthcoming 2020)

Freedom of Speech in the Western World: A Critical Modern Perspective (Lexington Books, forthcoming, 2019)

A Critique of the Enterprise Risk Theory of Vicarious Liability (2019) 61(3) Canadian Bus LJ (forthcoming, accepted 18/8/18)

Internment of Terrorism Suspects and the Australian Constitution (2019) 93 ALJ (forthcoming, accepted 12/2/18)

Vicarious Liability: Critique and Reform (Hart Publishing, 2018)

Is the Seal of the Confessional Protected by the Constitution or the Common Law? (2018) 44(1) Mon Uni LR (forthcoming, accepted 28/6/17)

The Enterprise Risk Theory of Vicarious Liability (2018) 46 ABLR 178-196

Punitive Damages: Time for Re-Examination (2018) 26(1) TLR 18-37

The Internment of Terrorism Suspects: A Critical Appraisal (2018) 24(3) AJHR 1-19

Public Sector Employees and the Implied Freedom of Political Communication (2018) 43(1) Alt LJ 10-16

Contempt and the Australian Constitution - Part II (2018) 27(2) JJA 55-73

Contempt and the Australian Constitution Part I (2017) 27(1) JJA 3-20

Presumption of Innocence in Peril (2017, Lexington Books)

Liability of Educational Providers to Victims of Abuse (2017) 39(2) SydLR 167-197

Reinvigorating Non-Delegable Duties in Australia? (2017) 25 TLR 59-78

Stigma, Homosexuality and the Homosexual Advance Defence (2017) 24(4) JLM 935-958 (w Kerstin Braun)

The Law of Penalties and the Question of Breach (2017) 45(1) ABLR 8-27

Presumption of Innocence Under Attack (2017) 20(4) NCLR 569-615

Family Provision Application: A Critique (2017) 91(9) ALJ 750-768

Mandatory Sentencing Around the World and the Need for Reform (2017) 20(3) NCLR 391-432

The Inclusion of Ex-Prisoners on Juries (2017) 26(2) JJA 59-75

Presumption of Innocence in Peril (2017) 42(2) Alt LJ 96-101

The Status of Sanctuary in Australian Law (2016) 42(3) Mon Uni LR 685-711

The Protection of Voting Equality in Australia (2016) 44(3) FLR 557-585

Is the Representative Nature of Juries Justiciable? (2016) 26(1) JJA 31-48

Criminal Due Process Rights and Chapter III of the Australian Constitution (2016, Federation Press)

Presumption of Innocence in Australia: A Threatened Species (2016) 40(5) Crim LJ 262-282

The Liability of Police in Negligence: A Comparative Analysis (2016) 24(1) TLR 34-62

The Reconciliation of Freedom of Religion With Anti-Discrimination Rights (2016) 42(1) Mon Uni LR 72-108

Green and Lindsay: Two Steps Forward, Five Steps Back (2016) 41(1) UWALR (w Kerstin Braun) 91-118

Section 92 of the Australian Constitution: The Next Phase (2016) 44(1) ABLR 35-60

Wilkinson v Downton: New Work For an Old Tort to Do (2015) 23(3) TLR 127-147

Preventive Detention in New Zealand: A Critical Comparative Analysis (2015) 26(3) NZ Uni LR 557-586

The Constitutional Right of Access to the Courts in Australia and the Case of Prisoners (2015) 24(4) JJA 236-264

Good Faith in Australian Contract Law After Barker (2015) 43(5) ABLR 358-378

The Australian Quarantine and Biosecurity Legislation: Constitutionality and Critique (2015) 22(4) JLM 788-810

Developments in Good Faith in Canada, Great Britain and Australia (2015) 57(1) CBLJ 84-119

Reinvigorating the Trade and Commerce Power (2015) 43(2) ABLR 101-120

The Liability of Providers of Mental Health Service Providers in Negligence (2015) 40(1) UWALR 163-197

The Right to Confrontation in Common Law Systems: A Critical Comparison (2015) 18(1) New Crim LR 129-165

Barclay v Penberthy, The Rule in Baker v Bolton and the Action for Loss of Services: A New Recipe Required (2014) 40(3) Mon Uni LR 920-941

Constitutionally Protected Due Process and the Use of Criminal Intelligence Provisions (2014) 37(1) UNSWLJ 125-161

Discriminatory Taxation in Light of Fortescue (2014) 42(1) FLR 67-89

Research most notable
Criminal Due Process and Chapter III of the Australian Constitution (Federation Press, 2016)
Vicarious Liability: Critique and Reform (Hart Publishing, 2018)

Publications in ePrints

Gray, Anthony (2018) Contempt and the Australian Constitution - Part II. Journal of Judicial Administration, 27 (2). pp. 55-73. ISSN 1036-7918

Gray, Anthony (2018) Public sector employees and the freedom of political communication. Alternative Law Journal, 43 (1). pp. 10-16. ISSN 1037-969X

Gray, Anthony (2018) Punitive damages: time for re-examination. Tort Law Review, 26 (1). pp. 18-37. ISSN 1039-3285

Gray, Anthony (2018) The enterprise risk theory of vicarious liability. Australian Business Law Review, 46 (3). pp. 178-196. ISSN 0310-1053

Gray, Anthony (2018) Vicarious liability: critique and reform. Hart Studies in Private Law, 28. Hart Publishing Ltd., Oxford, UK and Portland, Oregon, US. ISBN 9781509920235

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